Short Film

Innate (Extended Cut)

Shortlisted for Best Screenplay of ciNE65 IV (

Today ‘home’ can bear millions of definitions but one core holds true: it’s the people and their love for another that creates it. By nature, we all possess this innate spirit of wanting to make another feel at home, it’s the reason why we can empathise with them, go the extra mile for them and even hurt for them.

Here we see Shawn going out of his way for his childhood friend, Samuel who had been diagnosed with Leukaemia. Spending his working hours researching more about Leukaemia to doing everything in his power to muster enough funds for the treatment such as taking up odd jobs and selling his car. Day in day out he did the same with alcohol and his memories of the good times with Samuel as his solace.

Although a few strangers chipped in however they can, without much support, the burden was impossible for him and eventually cost Shawn his job. Despite the mental and physical toll on Shawn’s health, he doubles his efforts to make up for the financial set-back.

One day, Shawn was introduced to and created a profile for Samuel, eventually raising enough for the treatment. But the crux of it all was unexpectedly the encouragement and support that came from strangers.

The film also features the inspiring story of Raymond, a second-time cancer patient and active fund-raiser for charities.

People who cared and loved for another fellow man, those are the ones that truly make ‘home’.

– Eshley Lee