What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas has been a festive season of sharing, embracing emotions of faith, hope and love.

Faith that there is a higher power watching over us and our families.

Hope for a better tomorrow, a confident expectation of good.

Love of family, relatives and good friends preparing and enjoying as one.

Some say it’s the celebration of the virgin birth. Others call it the time of giving, Well, Christmas hold different meaning for all of us. Yet, there are just some things that can never change through all these years.  Parents donned in red coats and a white beard, laughing deeply as Santa Claus to entertain the little ones. Children excited and anticipating the morning of Christmas to rip off the wrappers of their presents with delight. Trees dressed up in bright and sparkling lights, perfected with a shimmering star at the top. Sumptuous meal and wine prepared to share among greedy loved ones. Indeed, that’s how we know that Christmas has arrived.

As you soak in the joy and warmth of Christmas with your loved ones, TheCameraBank will be your little elf this Christmas to be at your service.

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upon a deep slumber i fell
body weary from the vigours of living
yet my soul found strength to drift away

reflections, i’ve got none
walked over like dirt upon the ground
broken, faulty
i drag myself

rest my head, go to sleep
hush my mind, wander no more

thoughts you churned
keeps my head spinning
round and round

silence, silence
i try to find my peace
but time is seeming to run out now
as i struggle to stay afloat

my child, my child
where art thou?
i seek for thee, high and low

be gone, be gone
judging eyes
look away
there’s nothing to see here

release, are you hanging
upon the ceiling?
your bright light intrigues me

i’ll run, i’ll run
towards that light
towards exoneration
from those prying eyes

and i watch myself watching myself
i surrender, my sanity
a fuzzy grey
in my matter grey

you tell me it’s okay
it’s okay my child
perhaps i’ll be so
when my soul returns no more

and perhaps
then slumber then may
render itself, permanent.

by Terence Goh
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59452 47
29 26 421

A 90s Kid in Singapore will Remember

SG50 is round the corner, so let us 90s kids take a walk down memory lane. 1. Pilot G2 Pen Gun IMG_0399 edited   Remember in primary school, where your imagination knows no limits? The G2 pen was a “rifle” you could strip and assemble faster than your SAR-21. 2. Paper and Pencil Soccer IMG_0443 edited For the bored souls in class, trying to “score” a goal against your friend using a pencil was simply entertaining and also a complete waste of time. 3. McDonald Straw Twist and Flick IMG_0439 edited Anyone remembers twisting the straw like this and asking your friend to flick it to hear that satisfying pop? 4. Wet Toilet Paper IMG_0437 edited I’m sure you’ve seen these on the walls of your school toilets. This has got to be one of the most useless things we have ever done. I now pity the poor cleaners that have to scrape these off the walls. 5. Staple Spikes IMG_0430 edited If you love pranking your classmates, you will know this one. Twist up a bunch of these bad boys and scatter them on on your target’s chair. And then we wait… 6. Country Eraser Fights IMG_0422 edited A tradition among primary school children. Trying to get your eraser on top of your friend’s. Do they even do this now? When was the last time you did one of these things? Bringing back the great (and not so great) memories of your childhood, The Camera Bank

7 Things to do before ORD

1. Pluck wisdom teeth 

IMG_0447 edited

Let’s start with the obvious. 2 weeks MC?? 4 wisdom tooth extraction for me please!!!

2. Clear leaves and offs

ORD calendar

Don’t let them go to waste!

3. Complete ORD quiz


If you want a smooth ORD process, you’d better do this ASAP.

4. Worry about your future


University? Work? Didn’t think about any of these while in service? Good luck… Sign on?

5. Spend E-mart credits


You may complain about not getting enough allowance but the Army sure makes up for that with an abundance of E-mart credits!

6. Worry about Remedial Training


If you haven’t passed your IPPT, I’d be worried if I were you.

7. Take a selfie with your beloved pink IC


Goodbye 11b. As soon as you leave the camp, you need to take one of these and post it on Instagram. Welcome back, civilian.

5 Countries to Visit Before Entering the Workforce

Like everyone else, before entering the workforce and starting to earn some dough, we are pretty much broke. However, here are 5 affordable countries to explore as a student or NSF to create some memories of your youth before life hits you with a dose of responsibility, bills and taxes. Do take note that these are not the conventional countries to visit on a low budget. We have managed to tour these countries without burning a hole in our pockets and it is possible.

1. Hong Kong / Macau

Hole In The Sky resizedIMG_2641

These 2 countries are in the same spot at number 1 because of its convenience and distance to each other. The lack of a language barrier and transport systems similar to Singapore are a huge plus point. Be prepared to experience Disney in Cantonese if you are heading to Hong Kong Disneyland. Not to mention the shopping and awesome street food! What do you do when you can’t afford to go to Las Vegas? At only one ferry ride away, visiting Macau is a must when you are in Hong Kong. A common destination for casino-goers on a budget.

2. Boracay, Phillipines

IMG_8558 editedIMG_8469 edited

Ah, Boracay island. The one destination every beach-lover must visit. A variety of water sports such as Flying Fish, Jet Skiing, Sunset Sail, Helmet Diving and Cliff Diving are available along the entire beach. For the less adventurous, a vibrant night market and beach-side massages await. On top of that, be sure to have a seafood dinner at the local seafood market and chill at the many bars along the coast.

3. Bali, Indonesia

IMG_7429 IMG_7474

Bali’s beautiful resorts are perfect for those who want to relax on their vacation. Most resorts will provide a local guide to show unfamiliar tourists around. From warehouse sales to the soft sandy beaches, Bali is sure to keep you wanting more. Some resorts and restaurants also have a scenic view facing a now dormant volcano.

4. Seoul, Korea

IMG_1263 IMG_9980

Korea is known for its numerous scenic locations and yes, THEME PARKS! The biggest 3 being Lotte World, Everland and Seoul Land. The most popular form of accommodation for budget travellers and backpackers are the local hostels. Many options are available from single rooms to a dormitory for 6 pax. Don’t forget the street food vendors who serve amazing food and are more than happy to tell you more about their country.

5. Taiwan

IMG_3305 IMG_3537

Some of you lucky NSFs will get to travel to Taiwan for exercise or may be posted there depending on your vocation and unit. If you manage to get a few nights out or days off, you should visit the numerous night markets and food streets. The availability of street food in Taiwan is just unbelievable. Kaoshiung and Hualien have many scenic locations in the mountains. One of our favourite activities in Hualien was the river trekking! You can travel to Kaoshiung and Hualien via bullet train. Not to mention the cheap accommodation everywhere. From home stays to hostels to backpacker inns.

Check out a more in-depth review of these 5 countries in our future posts! For now, happy travelling!

– The Camera Bank

Hope, Heart, Home


Singapore Management University’s Funk Movement presents “Hope, Heart, Home” – An initiative to celebrate SG50

A compelling romance inspired by every Singaporean’s story to tell. This production features a love story of two immigrants belonging to different racial backgrounds set in historical Singapore. Witness a fine blend of Art, Dance & Theatre, which aims to evoke an array of emotions amongst the audience.

A production covered by The Camera Bank

Stay tuned for our featurette of Hope, Heart, Home

“What is the next chapter of the Singapore story?” – Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong (National Day Rally 2012)

A Walk To Remember

Have you ever wondered what it was like before you were introduced into this world? How it was like for your parents before you entered their lives.


Follow us on a journey to witness couples becoming families. Two individuals demonstrating remarkable affection for each other. In result, forging one’s ticket to life. This truly is A Walk To Remember.

Advert shoot montage

They say “A picture is worth a thousand words” but parental affection is something that would be impossible to put in writing.


Family. Life’s masterpiece.


The elegance of a mother.


The unconditional love.


1 + 1 = 3


As time goes by, memories turn vague. The collection of life’s happiest moments are usually buried deep in a haystack of the present. How long will these memories last should they not be preserved in stills?

Warmly presented to you by The Camera Bank.

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Man’s Best Friend

Close relations, companionship and loyalty are qualities that make these beautiful creatures “Man’s Best Friend”. This is a project of exploring intense interactions between humans and animals, particularly dogs, that had unknowingly fit into our humble pot of life.

Here, I have with me cut-outs from four happy families, highlighted through the art of Pet Photography.


This goofy looking Chihuahua is Prince and his family sure treats him like royalty. Having a couple of missing teeth makes his tongue flop out the side of his mouth! But hey, everybody’s got their own way to smile right?


However, I wouldn’t call this one a smile. Being one of the most expressive and playful little creatures we have worked with, Cymba possesses an attitude and personality we will never forget.

Fact: Shih-Tzus sleep like humans with wheezing and snoring.


Do you look like your dog? Chances are, the answer is yes! People tend to pick dogs that look like themselves. See the uh… resemblance yet?

Fact: Toy poodles are hypoallergenic (You won’t be allergic to them) as they have HAIR instead of fur!


“When the gardeners are good, the flower will bloom.” – Amish Tripathi

And that is why our big buddy, Shiro, is blooming with happiness. Probably because his pure white coat is ALWAYS clean. The coats of Japanese Spitzes have a non-stick texture comparable to teflon – Yes, that stuff on your cooking pans.


Believe me, at only 1.6 kilograms, this little brat sure has an appetite. Look at him smackin’ his lips.


They never fail to bring a smile to our faces.

Living these interactive moments with your canine buddies is what you do, for capturing them into frames of bliss is what we do. The turnout of every beginning is one’s to take.

Elegantly presented by The Camera Bank.

‘Small Stories Behind The Big Event’

IMG_5090When people think of the 28th SEA Games, or any other major sporting events, what comes to the mind may be the medals won, or the glamorous show on the screen. However, behind every big event, the medals, the show, is a group of dedicated individuals with their own stories. How did they embark on such a journey? What were their toughest moments?

What pushes them to go beyond their limits? Putting together their motivations and their fears as individuals, we reveal the personal side of a big event.

Through a series of interviews we hope to break down the usual impressions of sporting events like these and shed new perspectives – the perspectives of people who are directly involved in building this event and let them share their journey, hardwork, and the many small stories behind the big event.