About Us

Established in 2015, TheCameraBank is a Contemporary Media Company specialised in Photography & Videography – one that is exclusively recognised for its exceptional presentations of documentary productions. It is the alliance of creative idealistic individuals who believes the connection between the producer and its subject is of utmost importance, yearning to establish a relationship and connection that have since ran partnerships like no other.

TheCameraBank incorporates an ingenious team made up of adventurous souls; constantly seeking to push the boundaries of this art form by exploring new areas for our work in a world we call unexplored. Our sets of skills are tailored towards capturing the special moments. Moments that you may not pay close attention to. Moments that pass you by everyday. Moments that can be preserved with the release of a shutter. We find beauty in making memories and stories that last.

Since our inception, apart from commercial projects that we currently undertake at TheCameraBank, we also believe in the active championing of community causes in several platforms that exists to inquire and challenge our perspectives on critical creativity against these societal causes. Our team had since worked with independent individuals and organisations in non-profit documentations of their stories.

Our team truly values the extraordinary aspects of rounded education and experiences and how it deeply engages and influences one’s personal journey in life. Indeed, interests in such classes of inquiry and exploration is what incorporates genuine meaning into our work. That said, TheCameraBank strives to be an organisation that repeatedly champions social values and the illustration of community development, education and the aspects of remembering one’s roots through the production of motion pictures – one for all communities.

They say “A picture speaks a thousand words”, so let’s start talking.


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