What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas has been a festive season of sharing, embracing emotions of faith, hope and love.

Faith that there is a higher power watching over us and our families.

Hope for a better tomorrow, a confident expectation of good.

Love of family, relatives and good friends preparing and enjoying as one.

Some say it’s the celebration of the virgin birth. Others call it the time of giving, Well, Christmas hold different meaning for all of us. Yet, there are just some things that can never change through all these years.  Parents donned in red coats and a white beard, laughing deeply as Santa Claus to entertain the little ones. Children excited and anticipating the morning of Christmas to rip off the wrappers of their presents with delight. Trees dressed up in bright and sparkling lights, perfected with a shimmering star at the top. Sumptuous meal and wine prepared to share among greedy loved ones. Indeed, that’s how we know that Christmas has arrived.

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