A 90s Kid in Singapore will Remember

SG50 is round the corner, so let us 90s kids take a walk down memory lane. 1. Pilot G2 Pen Gun IMG_0399 edited   Remember in primary school, where your imagination knows no limits? The G2 pen was a “rifle” you could strip and assemble faster than your SAR-21. 2. Paper and Pencil Soccer IMG_0443 edited For the bored souls in class, trying to “score” a goal against your friend using a pencil was simply entertaining and also a complete waste of time. 3. McDonald Straw Twist and Flick IMG_0439 edited Anyone remembers twisting the straw like this and asking your friend to flick it to hear that satisfying pop? 4. Wet Toilet Paper IMG_0437 edited I’m sure you’ve seen these on the walls of your school toilets. This has got to be one of the most useless things we have ever done. I now pity the poor cleaners that have to scrape these off the walls. 5. Staple Spikes IMG_0430 edited If you love pranking your classmates, you will know this one. Twist up a bunch of these bad boys and scatter them on on your target’s chair. And then we wait… 6. Country Eraser Fights IMG_0422 edited A tradition among primary school children. Trying to get your eraser on top of your friend’s. Do they even do this now? When was the last time you did one of these things? Bringing back the great (and not so great) memories of your childhood, The Camera Bank

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