7 Things to do before ORD

1. Pluck wisdom teeth 

IMG_0447 edited

Let’s start with the obvious. 2 weeks MC?? 4 wisdom tooth extraction for me please!!!

2. Clear leaves and offs

ORD calendar

Don’t let them go to waste!

3. Complete ORD quiz


If you want a smooth ORD process, you’d better do this ASAP.

4. Worry about your future


University? Work? Didn’t think about any of these while in service? Good luck… Sign on?

5. Spend E-mart credits


You may complain about not getting enough allowance but the Army sure makes up for that with an abundance of E-mart credits!

6. Worry about Remedial Training


If you haven’t passed your IPPT, I’d be worried if I were you.

7. Take a selfie with your beloved pink IC


Goodbye 11b. As soon as you leave the camp, you need to take one of these and post it on Instagram. Welcome back, civilian.

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